2020 Staff

Club Director: Joe Johnson

  • Questions? Reach via email or text: 614.580.5973

14U (8th grade/Regional): Coach Sam Evener

  • Works for Sampson Dental Group
  • Played for Watkins HS from 2007-2011
  • Plays in multiple adult leagues each year; both indoor and sand 2011-present
  • Coached tune up clinics for MS aged players
  • Second year ACES coach

15U (9th grade/American):  Coach Thalynne Jackson

  • Played for Newark High School from 2000-2003
  • Coached Granville Christian Academy Varsity and JV teams in 2013
  • Coached 2 seasons for New Wave VBC (13U & 15U) 2014/2015
  • Utica 8th grade Coach 2014-present
  • Third year ACES coach

16U (10th grade/Regional): Coach Hillary Wright


16U (10th grade/Regional):  Coach Tashia Croom


16U (10th grade/Regional): Coach Lexy Grindrod

  • Works at L Brands as a compliance auditor
  • Has loved & played volleyball since 2nd grade
  • Played for Newark MS & HS for all seven years
  • Played 3 years with the New Wave Club
  • Played 4 years of co-ed intramural volleyball at the University of Cincinnati
  • Head MS/HS Volleyball Coach for Excel Academy 2010-2017
  • Second year ACES coach

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