ACES Volleyball Club

ACES Volleyball Club was founded in Granville, Ohio, and teams consist of girls from counties around central Ohio. Teams will play in regional or American (17 American, 17 Regional, 16 American and 15 American teams this year) tournaments around Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia & Kentucky. Each team has a bit of a different schedule to accommodate our many multi-sport athletes, and season lengths vary slightly from team to team.

All of our teams will have a dedicated hitting session each week in addition to the regular team practices (great for the defensive players as well) — something new we’re adding to push our players to the next level.

Click below to go to the registration page for tryouts! November 14 at TAD Sports, 7-9p for all teams.

Click on the tab above to go to the tryout registration page for the 2021-22 season of ACES Volleyball!

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